Experiencing Wine through Mythology

Andreou Winery came to us with the simple yet elusive brief: to convey the character of their wine, while relying on references true to its origin.

With that in mind, we studied Trizina, Andreou vine terroir which is a place for celebrations, meetings and special moments for wine, adorned since antiquity. We chose to capitalize on the landscape’s mythological history as a way of describing the brand ID, its story and of course its wine taste. As such, the Athenian king and hero Theseus and Minotaur, one of the most devastating monsters are the main characters of a myth in the Hellenic world and become Andreou Wines protagonists. The Greek Alphabet on the labels graphically resumes each product’s name, story and aroma characteristics as a hint of the sensory analysis that follows through tasting. Further, the bottles, when placed next to each other on the shelves communicate the word “passions” strengthening the wine’s genuine story telling of gods and monsters, heroes and kings for a visual merchandising in-store experience.


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