Monemvasia Winery

Monemvasia Winery

Brand Identity & Packaging

Tied to the cultural, social and economic life of the people IN Monemvasia

It all begins with a Greek family, their love for wines and their homeland and an adventure that started in 1997 and led to the revival of Monemvasia wines (or Malvasia for the Genoese traders) and their identification as protected designation of origin (PDO). From the traditions of the land full of stories and symbolisms -Malvasia wine rose to fame across Europe during the Middle Ages and through the Renaissance - we felt we should use these local elements on the wine labels. Only black and white illustrations with golden foil on carefully chosen details, stripes and harsh floral patterns are dominating the products, same way the historical city and medieval Castle of Monemvasia are carved along the sides of the breathtaking steep rock formation.



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