Patraiki Wines

Brand Identity & Packaging

 Neat and closely related to the cooperatives’ wine history

Peloponnesus region is one of the biggest wine-producing provinces in Greece and Patraiki has been one of the oldest wine manufacturers, active since 1918. We were given the task of redesigning the Patraiki brand and its wines in a contemporary way. What we wanted was to clearly communicate the brands’ long-standing Cooperative character through an ever-evolving style by using the symbolic arch at the entrance of their establishment; a simple and basic form for Patraiki logo. Combined with bespoke illustrations reminiscent of each grape variety and the terroir peculiarities, paired with natural and human activities patterns, embossed or golden foiled, generous amounts of negative space and new, differentiated bottles, the new design complements the color of the wine, and tells the story of warm, sociable days on the Hellenic, sun-drenched peninsula.


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